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About Us
NANJING PENGZHI ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is a collection of scientific research, production, sale and service of high-tech enterprises. The company was founded in 2006, the registered capital of 30.2 million Yuan, is the technology partner of the electric power Research Institute in China, the company headquarters is located in Jiangning economic development zone, Nanjing, Jiangsu. Our company passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification, is a software enterprise, private enterprise, bank credit AAA level enterprise of science and technology and so on.

Powerful technical force relying on China electric power Research Institute, Nanjing Peng Chi electrical equipment limited company specialized in electrical automation, substation automation in power plants, industrial and mining enterprises power distribution automation, for coal mine power distribution automation Automation, rail systems, power distribution automation and software as the core of the network information technology product development, production, sales and service. Company has strong product development production capacity, products widely used in electric power, coal, metallurgy, petrochemical, railway, water conservancy, and other fields. Main products: MPW-100 series intelligent electric instrument; online detecting system for MPW-200 series; MPW-300 series low-voltage protection and control devices; MPW-400 series protection; MPW-500 series integrated protection device for mine; MPW-600 series microcomputer-based protection and measuring control equipment; MPW-800 series power plant and substation automation systems protection and measuring control equipment; MPW-900 series and stability control system, MPW-8000 the integrated automatic monitoring system ; MPW-8000T the integrated automatic monitoring system for railway; PEX-3000 microcomputer excitation regulation device, ZTQ-2000 microcomputer-based automatic quasi-synchronization device and other products.

At present, the company's business developed rapidly, main products cover the Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia to over 20 provinces. Its MPW Series Microcomputer protection measurement and control device, and automation device and the integrated automation system has in country electric Bengbu power plant, and Shandong Chiping power plant, and anshun power plant and the Datong power plant, country about more than 100 multiple power plant and the haicheng 220KV substation, and tiexi 220KV substation, around near hundreds of substation and Shandong letter made group, and Fujian Sambo special steel, large industrial and mining enterprises inputs run; MPW-201 transformer oil in the gas online monitoring system has cast games more than 200 more than sets, Each product by the user agreement reflect the running stability, good condition.

Nanjing Peng Chi electrical equipment limited company is a vibrant, highly competitive and steady and healthy development of emerging high-tech enterprises. In the process of internationalization of China's economy, we would like to take a positive attitude, professional, people-oriented service philosophy, efforts to provide customers with more value for money quality products; we will be excellent product performance, advance service consciousness, rigorous style and scientific work.